Nursery reopening plan

The safety of our nursery children, staff and parents is a top priority. We have therefore fully assessed the risks of opening the College nursery in the new COVID-19 era, and are determined to do all that we can to make the environment as safe as possible.

On this page 

The full General Nursery Risk Assessment is available in the download section below.

We have used this risk assessment, as well as the Government's published advice 儿童保育机构准备扩大开放 and Implementing protective measures in education and childcare setting, to develop this safety plan, which covers the general operation of the nursery.

在完成这个安全计划时, we have consulted with all staff and parents and taken their views and concerns on board, and we will continue to update the plan as the nursery opens and the children, staff and parents feedback their experience and ideas.  All parents and staff must adhere to this safety plan at all times. Staff should also read and adhere to the COVID 19 Staff Safe Plan.  

Key to a safe environment is the need to continue with strict social distancing for the adults, limit gatherings and the number of people in the nursery along with various other measure all detailed in this document. We must be prepared to adapt the way we use the nursery and this could include allowing for smaller group, physical changes to the layout and removing some equipment to ensure everyone’s safety. 

General Guidance

在冠状病毒爆发期间,幼儿园儿童及其父母以及与他们一起工作的人可以采取一些重要行动, 帮助阻止病毒的传播. 

Preventing the spread of coronavirus involves dealing with direct transmission (for instance, when in close contact with those sneezing and coughing) and indirect transmission (via touching contaminated surfaces). A range of approaches and actions should be employed to do this. 这些可以看作是控制的层次结构, when implemented, 创建一个内在安全的系统, where the risk of transmission of infection is substantially reduced. These include: 

  • Minimising contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring that those who have coronavirus symptoms, 或者家里有人这样做, do not attend the nursery. 
  • 比平时更经常洗手——用流动的水和肥皂彻底洗手20秒,并彻底擦干,或使用酒精免洗洗手液或消毒剂,确保手的所有部分都被覆盖 
  • Ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach cleaning frequently touched surfaces often using standard products, 例如洗涤剂和漂白剂 
  • Minimising contact and mixing by altering, as much as possible, the environment such as room layout.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) including face coverings and face masks
Wearing a face covering or face mask in the nursery is not recommended. 在与不经常见面的人有密切社会接触的风险以及无法保持社交距离和其他措施的室内,短期内戴口罩可能是有益的, 例如在公共交通上或在一些商店里. 这不适用于育儿室. The nursery will therefore not require staff or children to wear face coverings. Changing habits, cleaning and hygiene are effective measures in controlling the spread of the virus. 在任何情况下,可能无法按指示操作的人(例如,无法按指示操作的人)都不应佩戴口罩(或根据指示用于特定临床原因的任何形式的医用口罩), young children, or those with special educational needs or disabilities) as it may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission. 

The majority of staff in the nursery will not require PPE beyond what they would normally need for their work, even if they are not always able to maintain a distance of 2 metres from others. PPE is only needed in a very small number of cases including: 

  • 由于亲密护理需要,日常护理已经涉及使用个人防护装备的儿童应继续以同样的方式接受护理 
  • If it is a child who becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus and they need direct personal care until they can return home. A surgical face mask should be worn by the supervising adult if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained. 如有必要与孩子接触, then disposable gloves, a disposable apron and a fluid-resistant surgical face mask or mask and face shield should be worn by the supervising adult. If a risk assessment determines that there is a risk of splashing to the eyes, for example from coughing, spitting, or vomiting, 然后必须戴面罩.

Preparing to open

To allow us to open we first need to complete the following steps:

Speak to staff and share with them the precautions we are taking to ensure their safety.  We will consult with them at all stages of the reopening and listen to any concerns and take action to reduce risks to a minimum. Staff will know the difficulties involved in getting the children back to Nursery.  

与产业及健康与安全经理及设施助理一起,协助完成和更新本安全计划,刷新与COVID - 19相关的所有托儿所风险评估和健康与安全合规检查.

  • Help undertake a risk assessment specifically for the COVID 19 risks.
  • Consult with staff on the reopening plans and look at ratios.
  • 联系家长讨论重新开放的计划.
  • Consider small groups using the two rooms and outside area we have available.
  • 决定将交付哪些活动.
  • 考虑哪些活动可以在户外进行.
  • Remove unnecessary items form the rooms and outside spaces.
  • 拿走柔软的家具和玩具, 而且很难清洁玩具, 比如有复杂零件的玩具.
  • 建议父母去托儿所, plan parents drop-off and pick-up protocols that minimise adult to adult contact and who should be dropping children off. 
  • Arrange for housekeeping staff the clean the nursery on a regular basis. 
  • 报名表格须在儿童返回幼儿园前寄出及交回,以确保所有联络/紧急联络资料均为最新及切合当前情况.
  • Share out of hours Contact details for reporting COVID – 19 symptoms or positive tests. 

Communicating our plans

  • Tell children, parents, carers or any visitors, such as suppliers, 如果他们显示出任何冠状病毒症状,不要进入教育或儿童保育设施(在COVID-19之后:为可能感染冠状病毒的家庭提供指导).
  • Tell parents that if their child needs to be accompanied to the education or childcare setting, 只有一位家长应出席.
  • Tell parents and young people their allocated drop off and collection times and the process for doing so, including protocols for minimising adult to adult contact (for example, which entrance to use).
  • Make clear to parents that they cannot gather at entrance gates or doors, or enter the site (unless they have a pre-arranged appointment, 应该安全进行).
  • 确保父母和年轻人了解往返教育或儿童保育场所的交通建议(包括避免高峰时间). Read the Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for passengers.
  • 和员工讨论公司的计划(例如,公司的计划是什么, safety measures, 以及错开的到达和离开时间), including discussing whether training would be helpful.
  • Communicate early with contractors and suppliers that will need to prepare to support your plans for opening for example, cleaning, catering, food supplies, hygiene suppliers.
  • Discuss with staff the additional cleaning requirements and agree additional hours to allow for this.

Attending Nursery

Before coming into the Nursery you must ensure that you are all well and not displaying any symptoms of COVID -19: 请参阅NHS指南. If you or your child feel unwell or any member of your household is unwell, please stay at home and let the Nursery know that your child won’t be in and the reason why. 在相关人员COVID-19检测呈阴性或完成强制自我隔离期之前,您必须待在家中.  如果您出现症状,可能会进行COVID-19检测,澳门皇冠足彩,皇冠足彩app强烈建议您进行检测,以保护环境内的其他儿童和工作人员.  这可以直接按照 government guidance. We will notify parents if a child in their child’s group has shown symptoms of COVID-19.  

Travelling to Nursery
When travelling in to the nursery you should try to walk, 自己骑自行车或开车, if possible, 避免与其他通勤者接触. If you have no option but to take public transport, please follow the Government’s guidelines which currently includes that you should wear a face cover and observe 2 meter distancing. 如果有需要,澳门皇冠足彩,皇冠足彩app可以提供口罩, but we encourage you to make your own face covering; 点击这里查看一个例子. You should continue to monitor the Government’s advice as it may change over time. Avoiding peak travel times would help to limit contact with other commuters and reduce travel times. 

Reducing Movement
If you live outside of the College we would ask that you don’t visit another part of the College during this time. Please go straight to the Nursery using the slip road down to the Nursery and leave the College in the same way. The gardens and ground are currently only open to College residents and staff. Further advice on these and other restrictions will be given to parents as the restriction are lifted by the College. Nursery staff should not go to other parts of the college buildings unless absolutely necessary. 任何时候都要保持社交距离.  

To aid social distancing, arrival and departure times will be staggered wherever possible to minimise adult to adult contact. 如果您被要求送您的孩子到橡子的房间,您将需要通过北停车场的入口穿过苗圃花园. 如果你被要求把你的孩子送到橡树屋,在北边的停车场会有路标指示你应该沿着哪条路绕过树方院的入口. 当上落客和上客重叠时,会引入排队等候系统,并会在苗圃外的地面上标示,包括便衣停车场的排队等候系统.  

Arriving at the Nursery
When you arrive at the Nursery please do so at the agreed time. 请不要早到. If you are going to be late please phone the Nursery to let them know so that they can advise you on the next available drop off time. 如果您将您的孩子送到橡子的房间,当您到达橡子的房间时,请按大门上的铃,等待进入苗圃,或等待工作人员到门口接您的孩子,如果花园正在使用中. If your child is being dropped off at the Oaks room then a member of staff will collect your child at the door. Please all use the hand gel at the gate/door on arrival and moisturising cream will be available for the children to use.  在你的孩子进入托儿所之前, all children temperature will be taken using a non-contact forehead thermometer. If either staff or children’s temperatures are above the recommended level set by the nursery you will be asked to return home immediately. Children will be handed over in the agreed way depending on the age of the children. We encourage parents to prepare their children in advance for this transition back to nursery. 工作人员会尽最大努力鼓励孩子顺利进入幼儿园,但澳门皇冠足彩,皇冠足彩app需要考虑到其他等待送孩子的家长. Parents should not enter the nursery buildings unless specifically asked to do so.  

In line with government advice we will be putting children into separate groups to minimise risk of infection. Both groups shall have their own separate play areas. 这些小组将由, not only age and ratio but advice on keeping the groups as small as possible. 

Hand Hygiene
Staff and children must wash their hands thoroughly on arrival at the Nursery, 并且每天都有规律地工作. 点击这里了解洗手的最佳方式.  所有成人和儿童都应: 

  • Frequently wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly.
  • Clean their hands on arrival at the setting, before and after eating, and after sneezing or coughing.
  • Are encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose.
  • Use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze and use bins for tissue waste (‘catch it, bin it, kill it’).
  • Ensure that help is available for children and young people who have trouble cleaning their hands independently.
  • Consider how to encourage young children to learn and practise these habits through games, songs and repetition.
  • Ensure that bins for tissues are emptied throughout the day.

所有洗手间均设有洗手设施. 所有的厨房都有蓝色的纸巾卷, and cloth towels and drying up cloths have been removed. 提供擦手用的纸巾. 会有洗手提示牌. Hand sanitiser is located at various agreed locations around the nursery along with child friendly hand moisturiser.  

Feeling Unwell at Nursery
If a member of staff or a child feels unwell whilst at nursery, this should be reported to the Nursery manager or deputy manager immediately and arrangements made for them to return home immediately, 始终保持社交距离. 如有必要,应将他们隔离在有盖花园的隔离区,同时联系家长和/或安排接送回家.  If it is a child who becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus and they need direct personal care until they can return home, a surgical face mask should be worn by the supervising adult if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained. 如有必要与孩子接触, then disposable gloves, a disposable apron and a fluid-resistant surgical face mask or mask and face shield should be worn by the supervising adult. If a risk assessment determines that there is a risk of splashing to the eyes, for example from coughing, spitting, or vomiting, 然后必须戴面罩. The covered garden isolation area will be cleaned after use and all areas will be cleaned regularly. 

如果您需要自我隔离,请跟随 NHS关于自我隔离的指南,或安排上述详细的测试.

It is likely, 特别是在冬天, that many of us and especially children will display symptoms similar to COVID 19, 这是季节性感冒的结果, and it is important for the safety of all that you stay home if experiencing any relevant symptoms, however mild.

What happens if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in the Nursery
The children and staff will be put into separate groups within the nursery and these groups will not mix. 如果幼儿园出现新冠肺炎确诊病例,要求相关群体的工作人员和儿童进行14天的自我隔离. The other group will continue to attend nursery as normal. The Nursery will not be required to close unless there are confirmed cases within both groups. 

将提供清洁产品, including antibacterial sprays and wipes to wipe down equipment and surfaces, such as door handles, toys, books, tables, chairs, sinks, toilets, light switches, etc. 以及其他经常接触的表面.  All staff must share the cleaning burden by wiping down surfaces.  Housekeeping staff will provide an enhanced general cleaning service in all communal areas on a daily basis and daily bin emptying. Click here for more information on the cleaning of non-healthcare settings.

Use outside space:

  • For exercise and breaks.
  • For outdoor education, where possible, as this can limit transmission and more easily allow for distance between children and staff.
  • 户外设备只有在能够定期清洁的情况下才能使用,澳门皇冠足彩,皇冠足彩app能够确保在使用它的儿童群体之间进行适当的清洁,并确保多个群体不会同时使用它.
  • 澳门皇冠足彩,皇冠足彩app需要研究室外设备的清洁程序,减少室外区域的设备数量,以便进行适当的清洁. Read COVID-19:清洁这里的非医疗保健设施


  • No resources should be taken home by children for the time being and only necessary item such as additional clothes, 尿布和食物应带进育婴室. 
  • By seeking to prevent the sharing of stationery and other equipment, where possible, shared materials and surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected more frequently.
  • Practical lessons can go ahead if equipment can be cleaned thoroughly. 

Additional Safety Measures

Social distancing signs will be displayed around the nursery and at the main entrances. Children are not required to social distance but staff should maintain the 2m distancing guidance. However, it is understood that this may not be possible at all times but if a prolonged period of close contact is required, 比如处理急救问题, 那么应该考虑使用个人防护装备. (见“在育儿室感到不适”一节).

Government guidance on the use of PPE in nursery setting can be found here: Implementing protective measures in education and childcare setting. This suggests that PPE is unnecessary in most nursery based activities.  However, 如果需要,托儿所可以提供个人防护装备, and will be made available for all staff where risk assessments suggest it might be helpful.  The PPE currently available includes face masks, face shields, gloves, goggles and aprons.

Staff room
The staff room will continue to be used as normal by the staff within the Acorns room and Acorns staff will clean this area regularly. Only one person at a time will be able to use the room so staff breaks will need to be staggered. 奥克斯酒店的员工将暂时使用该办公室作为他们的员工室和d区厕所,以进一步减少群体间交叉污染的风险. There should be a maximum of two people within the office at one time to maintain social distancing. 

Staff should avoid touching shared surfaces wherever possible.  因此,在可能的情况下,大门将保持敞开. This will also aid ventilation (see section Increased Ventilation). You should avoid sharing pens or other work equipment. 

Lunch and breaks may need to be staggered and/or taken in small groups.  If possible staff and children should use outside areas or the covered play area for breaks whenever possible.  厨房的工作人员会送食物, on a trolley, at the agreed time to the nursery entrance and ring the bell to inform staff the food is there and then walk away. 食物应该由托儿所的工作人员用手套从手推车上收集,并在午餐后放回手推车上收集.  Social distancing rules must be observed at all times.  

Increased Ventilation
All doors, 在可能的地方会留下什么, 在不损害儿童安全的前提下, and weather permitting, 并且在不增加火灾风险的前提下.  在可能的情况下也应打开窗户,但不要损害儿童的安全或损害个人的舒适.

Due to the confined space only one adult will be allowed in any toilet at any one time. Signs will be placed on the entrance to the areas signalling this rule.  澳门皇冠足彩,皇冠足彩app会提供纸巾.  所有箱子都有脚踏操纵盖. 

If nursery staff need to meet always use remote working tools like the telephone, conference calling, or Teams or Zoom where possible to avoid meeting in person (guidance on all of these options is available from IT).  

如果你真的需要见面的话, only the absolutely necessary participants should attend, 必须保持2m的间隔, and the room must be well ventilated by opening windows and doors.  如果可能的话,你们应该在外面见面. 

Staff Locker Areas
Only one person at a time will be allowed in the staff room.

Contractors and Visitors
Only essential contractors and visitors are allowed in the nursery.  If meetings are required, use the guidance in the meeting section of this document.  承包商需要在开始工作之前完成新的COVID-19承包商操作程序-小工程文书工作,并必须始终保持社交距离.  Children must not be in the area at the time and all surfaces must be thoroughly clean on completion of the works. Safety procedures must be sent to contractors prior to their visit and safety and hygiene arrangements must be explained to them on arrival.   All visitors and Contractors must be booked in at the Lodge (disposable pens are available for use at the Lodge).  Contractor’s time on site should be keep to an absolute minimum.

Deliveries should be made to the Lodge and taken to the nursery by College staff. 不应直接将货物送到育儿室.

Communication and Training


Emergency Procedures
Social distancing should be maintained during any emergency or fire evacuation, 除非这样做不安全.  First aiders have PPE available and will wear it whenever attending to a first aid matter.

Work Procedures
The nursery managers will need to ensure that staff adapt their procedures to ensure safety, and conduct appropriate consultation and training with their staff.  The Estates and H&S Manager and HR Department can advise and assist where necessary.